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Straksleverancer « Dansk Skolefoto

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verovis – Unternehmenssteuerung auf einem neuen Niveau

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verovis – Unter­neh­mens­steuerung auf einem neuen NiveauAlex Richardson2020-04-24T15:38:31+02:00
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Hillsborough school district rolls out Edsby grade book system

TAMPA — Once upon a time there was Edline. Hillsborough County’s helicopter parents lived there. They could check on their children’s test and classroom grades — and hear their children grouse that the teachers hadn’t updated them.
This year, Hillsborough County Public Schools put the project up for bid and …

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How to Chair a Conference

How to Chair a Conference
by Jason Eisner (2007)

I was recently program chair (PC) of a moderately
large CS conference,
which received about 400
with an acceptance rate of 27% (under 17% for talks).
To avoid duplication of effort,
I saved various materials and am making them available …

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